Getting Poetry In Bisbee

Hear the round table discussion and readings with nationally known poets Dick Bakken, Ken Boe, and Michael Gregory, on KCTR News, concluding April as Poetry Month. You can Download it to iTunes, and now you may watch it on You Tube by clicking here.

I’m also experimenting with a new interactive model for me to raise some funds for very basic needs so that I may continue working on my poetry and art over the summer. I have 3 commissions so far. And it may be a model that is a path for people outside of poetry to gain a whole new appreciation for poetry as revelatory process. It may also be a way for me to heal you on some level. Send me two weird, opposite, random, or serious, or personal or any kind of two different “off the top of your head” ideas, plus 20 bucks cash/check to PO Box 4591 Bisbee AZ 85603 and I’ll write your original Ken Boe poem. 20 bucks is the minimal donation, I have lots of ideas, but this is something I want to do for you.

Black and White photos by Lynda Coole. Heisenberg Canopy, oil, graffiti marker, and gesso-grosso whip painting, on canvas, by Ken Boe. Photo by Isaac Webb, at 2017 Miami Loco Arts Festival, of which I am a founding member.