The Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project


The Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project — Roundtable Open Mic
At The Letson Studios, 24 Main St., 7:00 pm,

Come late if running behind.


Featuring Portal Arizona poet/musician: Aaron Stewart Lewis Knapp’s “Chemical Marriage”, and Bisbee poet/musician: Keith Allen Dennis.

This will be live-streamed, including open mic, and discussion with hosts Ken Boe & Roxandra Pennington. Live stream can be watched here on You Tube. Click here.

A Bisbeens N Rice Productions event. Learn more at
To nominate a featured poet, or guest-host non-poet, email Ken Boe at

Come back every 3rd Thursday for another live-streamed Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project open mic, 7pm Arizona time!

The Poetry Normalization Project is an experimental set of efforts to bring poetry into the consciousness of the community in new ways. Part of this effort has been the setting up of a treasure hunt of poems posted in random places around Bisbee, such as telephone poles, and bulletin boards, of original, even “site-specific poems. The project will continue for at minimum 6 months, and these readings and discussion-based open mics are a spin off of that project. The Bisbee Poetry Normalization Project is to be sponsored in part by a grant from the Bisbee Arts Commission.

More extensive writing about this project are to be forthcoming. Please stay tuned to this website as it is updated each month as new featured poets and guest hosts are announced.

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