It’s official: I just launched on Patreon! Please pledge to support my work and get real value in return.

Click this link now! Even if you can’t help for the minimum, there is a treasure trove of my ideas here that you won’t want to miss. Remember that it’s only though learning and experience that we gain the capacity to appreciate anything:


Insuring the Capacity for a Productive Routine:
Securing my art and writing productivity in exchange for what I can give you through Patreon is a dynamic that the arts economy has never offered us before. Since I own my own rickety Art Compound (home) I just need to pay utilities, taxes, food, supplies, and other costs. The last few months I’ve actually lived on 300 dollars a month, or less. But I’ve been lucky to suffer no catastrophes, like a broken down car. That can’t go on forever, and I have something that I am sure is worth your while. Even those who invest at just the minimum one dollar, I believe, will be wanting to invest higher, to obtain my artworks at such low emerging artist prices, in just a few months of reading my poetry and arts manifest. There is also a continuing of my Sponsor A Poem collaboration which will touch many of you.

Scroll down for the non-patreon option for sponsoring a poem,
and much more.

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