Hear the round table discussion and readings with nationally known poets Dick Bakken, Ken Boe, and Michael Gregory, on GETTING POETRY IN BISBEE, concluding April as Poetry Month.

So I’m Arizona Artist Of The Day. Read the Ken Boe quotations from the Bisbee of Oz. Click Here:

I’m also experimenting with a new interactive model for me to raise some funds for very basic needs so that I may continue working on my poetry and art over the summer.

Send me two opposing ideas from “off the top of your head”, or one idea from each spouse, which I will synthesize into a poem from my own body of techniques. These can be any kind of idea, like a word, a dream image, a cliche, a quote, or a piece of trash you find out in the woods, plus 120 bucks cash/check minimum to
PO Box 4591 Bisbee AZ 85603
Or half price in just 5 dollar a month payments, and a bonus Thought Dragon artwork, through my PATREON BLOG.

— Portrait by Dean Robinson

It’s going well so far. I try to incorporate just the right amount of anomaly and ambiguity in my work to trigger a touch of synchronicity in the audience. Does non-corporate crowdfunding stretch outside of some people’s comfort zone to connect with my fundraising? It’s as though we the consumer are programed to only trust that being sold with a corporate gloss. Is this incorporeal gloss like a glass ceiling filtering our consciousness and sense of adventure? I’ve met enough people with courage and imagination to support 7 poems so far, and to get my utilities paid. Now next month is coming, and don’t forget, these poems are works of art, not just a tourist sideshow.

They take awhile for me to create through my figuratively alchemical writing processes. But you will get your credit and a copy. An eventual book of them may even be published, and I’ll let you know when they get published in online or print journals.

Other possible ideas, for instance, could be a quotation from a book, or something heard eves dropping. A joke, a mistranslated idiom, or an old theory you’ve been sawing on. I will write a poem mining whatever you send me. I do live in a mining town, after all. The more opposite these two ideas, the more fun it will be, but it doesn’t matter.) 120 bucks is the non-patreon donation amount, for though I already have lots of ideas, this contract allows something I can do with just you as a motivating structure. You can send cash, but give me a head’s up. Note that this offer is less than my sponsor a poem offer on Patreon, where it’s broken down into small monthly payments, half the price, and more.

Black and White photos by Lynda Coole. Heisenberg Canopy, oil, graffiti marker, and gesso-grosso whip painting, on canvas, by Ken Boe. Photo by Isaac Webb, at 2017 Miami Loco Arts Festival, of which I am a founding member.
When The Allegory Leaves

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