Ken Boe in Bisbee

KENBOE BISBEE LOCATIONS: Besides seeing my work exhibited at the new location for Andrew Law’s Mule Mountain Magic Jewelry at 38 Main street in old Bisbee in the old JC Penny building; I also have work at Jewelry Design by Dave Owen at Main and Subway, and at Rich Creek Glass off the street on Subway, also in Old Bisbee. Contact Rich Creek to peek while he undergoes renovations.

Work on View in Bisbee:

Email Ken Boe at for a private viewing, discussion, or reading, or to have work shipped to you at no extra cost. Artworks currently cost a dollar an inch, plus a 200. experience, materials, and education fee, each.

My experimental paintings use materials and process as a source of content as much as any pictorial or representational design. Works are composed with their unconscious interpretation in mind; for those who might randomly be socializing in the presence of the artwork at some future time and place.

Wisdom Tool

For me the power of intuitive feeling and thought are synchronic occurrences of imagination for both myself and potential future viewers. Since the environment we share is the language we share, artwork expands the consciousness of where it is, and this is what my artwork sets out to accomplish with its “archetypal triggers” of visual texture and sticky content. My works are in some non-traditional collections around the world. My work represents a ground floor opportunity of an experimental artist who has been researching and developing his techniques and content for decades, with real emergent and varied opportunities for success unfolding. 

I have a number of different visual and written art projects in the works, including experimental encaustic works using thousands of crayons recycled from the restaurants of Yellowstone National Park, each crayon briefly held in the hands of a child’s imagination while in Yellowstone. Future large scale ‘encaustic fresco oil’ murals are envisioned using these materials for 2017. I’ve been researching and testing these materials for some time now. If interested in commissioning such an installation for the 2017 season, or beyond, please do contact me. (See also my line technique in The Totemizer, on display at Bisbee Chiro, for which you must also contact me if interested in acquisition.) ——>
2016 will also be the 20th anniversary of my whip painting technique, which I refer to as action print-making. Never the purist, the mono print left by the oil on whip mark is manipulated with brushwork in a final alchemy, or then sometimes it is not.

2014 saw the 20th anniversary of my “text-texture-context” work, for which I’ve continued with encaustic collage, and 2011 marked the 30th anniversary of my work with plaster and paint, culminating in recent work combining encaustic fresco — both in new conceptual use of the term, and with some traditional uses of the concept. Overall, I find ways to combine and hybrid my various levels of process, for which there are ten overarching projects currently going on in my brain, that I have identified. My vision is confident, my experience is true, and there is so much wonderful artwork and poetry to do. 

Ken Boe at Miami Art Works: Blow Out Reception October 3rd, 2015: Click To Continue!

I’m also experimenting with a new interactive model for me to raise some funds for very basic needs so that I may continue working on my poetry and art over the summer.

It’s going well so far. It may be a model that is a portal for people outside of poetry to gain a whole new appreciation of poetry as revelatory process. We may uncover some synchronicity through this, which in music we already know is true for poetry as lyrics. I try to incorporate just the right of ambiguity for that in my work. Though as non-corporate crowdfunding it may be outside of some people’s comfort zone to connect with me as I am asking. We are almost programed to only trust that with a corporate gloss.

Send me two opposing ideas from “off the top of your head”, or one idea from each spouse, which I will synthesize into a poem from my own body of techniques. These can be any kind of idea, like a word, a dream image, a cliche, a quote, or a piece of trash you find out in the woods, plus 20 bucks cash/check minimum to
PO Box 4591 Bisbee AZ 85603

and I’ll write our original Ken Boe poem. (Other possible ideas, for instance, could be a quotation from a book, or something heard eves dropping. A joke, a mistranslated idiom, or an old theory you’ve been sawing on. I will write a poem mining whatever you send me. I do live in a mining town, after all. The more opposite these two ideas, the more fun it will be, but it doesn’t matter.) 20 bucks is the minimal donation, for though I already have lots of ideas, this contract allows something I can do with just you as a motivating structure. You can send cash, but donations over 100 bucks should be check or money order.

To donate $500 (five hundred dollars) to Ken Boe’s work and career, and receive a 2 foot by 2 foot sized original Ken Boe painting, click this PayPal “buy now” button:

4 thoughts on “Ken Boe in Bisbee

  1. I truly do like your web page. We can get together in Miami when you return for the Boomtown Spree celebration. I would love to have a poem or two of yours to print in my Fall edition. You can e-mail on or two, if you like. I like your poetry and your paintings-so very real! So much of art in the gallleries is commercial-no passion. We love you in Miami! Elizabeth

    • The Miami Loco Art Walk Festival will be held the last weekend of April in 21014. WIll you be publishing another poetry zine? We should make it part of it.

  2. Exquisite, moving work Ken Boe …. Thank you … I’m moving to Lawrence and hope to see you soon. KC